1. Personalised workshops for the construction of violines, violas, violoncellos, viols in all sizes, violones and baroque bows.
  2. Restoration workshops
  1. In the tranquillity of a rural landscape in the north of Germany you can construct your personal instrument or bow supported by my professional instructions.
  2. Accompanied by my instructions, you have the possibility to restore your own old string bow instrument during a personalised restoration course.


My workshop and tools are available for your use. Due to the professional accompaniment, it is possible to construct string bow instruments without any previous knowledge and without personally possessing the required material and tools.

The dates for the workshops will be arranged individually. The number of participants is limited respectively to two persons and one instrument.

During the period of the course we offer the possibility to occupy a guestroom with a separate bathroom in our historical farmhouse.

The construction of an individual instrument requires approximately 6 to 10 weeks or 200 to 300 working hours.
The period of time required for the construction of a bow is approximately 2 to 4 weeks or 50 to 100 working hours.

It is possible to split the working time and to finish the instrument in several stages.

The course participant bears the costs for materials such as wood, varnish, strings and hair. The produced instrument becomes personal property of the course participant.

Course Goals:

  1. Manufacture of a professional instrument in cooperation with Motek Leeuwarden. Introduction to the possibility to construct high quality string bow instruments independently.
  2. Restoration course: Careful treatment of ancient string bow instruments, which means preserving as much of the original substance as possible although this is much more time consuming than the conventional method of restoration.


Rate per working hour on request
Max. charge per day       on request
Restoration course per hour         on request
per night on request
per week on request
per month on request