Überseemuseum Bremen

Mariano Garcia
Article "Weser-Kurier"
University Oldenburg


Curriculum Vitae Motek Leeuwarden:

Date of birth May 5

1958 in Bremen, Germany
from 1972 Studies of classical guitar with Christian Kaiser in Bremen
from 1974 Studies of double bass with Guido Rentzsch in Bremen
from 1975

Concerts with classical guitar

from 1976

Studies of renaissance lute

1976 - 1980

Studies at the music academy in Bremen

from 1976 Professional teaching activity with classical guitar
from 1977 Concerts with double bass
from 1978 Studies of viol (viola da gamba)
from 1979 Concerts with viol and renaissance lute
from 1980

Stringed bowed instrument construction activities and concerts with violone

1981 Manufacture of the first viol
from       1982 Studies of baroque lute
1984 - 1988 Assistant professor for guitar at the University Oldenburg, Germany

Manufacture of the first baroque bow

1989 - 1996

Relocation to Spain, Altea, province Alicante  professional activities as musician, musical instrument maker and teacher for stringed bowed instrument construction

1996 - 1998

Relocation to Simonswald, Germany, same activities


Relocation to Twistringen, Germany, same activities

2000 Relocation to Bremen, Germany, same activities
2010 Relocation to Scharme, Germany, same activities