Randeinlagen schneiden

At work 1987 (cutting inlays)

Contrary to the normal practice in handcraft and industry, my products are exclusively manufactured by myself. Every detail of the wooden parts as well as the varnish is individually handcrafted, without the use of prefabricated elements. My work incorporates profound knowledge of the practice in performance of „early music“ and my own experience in playing string bowed instruments.
I prefer to work without time saving modern machines such as band grinders, milling machines, compressors etc. To come very close to the art of the old masters of string bow instrument construction, I use ancient methods and procedures, always keeping the sensitive contact with wood and varnish.
Following the methods of the baroque art of string bow instrument construction, the effort is twice as much compared to the common practice in this sector today. I have been constructing string bowed instruments since 1980.    
My annual production is limited to approximately 2 instruments or 10 bows; they are manufactured one after another and not in serial production.    
I provide a warranty of 10 years.    

Ausstellung in Regensburg 1990

Exhibition Festival Regenburg 1988